Meet Marin

Marin Lee is well-known for her upscale art featured in luxury estates and lavish commercial properties.  Her farmhouse neutral tones and bold colorful palettes are inspired from her own personal experiences and the influential people she's met along the way.

Unwavering in her mission to provide the highest quality to her collectors, there's one aspect she won't compromise and that's creating unique one-of-a-kind creations.  Prints and reproductions are not an option because Marin believes in celebrating original handcrafted work.

From small scale creations to life-size pieces, Marin Lee designs for every landscape.  Each painting has a story to tell and her only desire is for a collector to take that story and make it part of their forever home.


Marin's Mission

"I don't have clients or customers.  I have Collectors.  Collectors represent the one element I won't compromise in my work and that's authenticity."